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Agile Product Ownership: Maximizing the Role and Accelerating Success by Angela Wick

Recommended Books

Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis by Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman

The Agile Business Analyst: Moving from Waterfall to Agile by Ryland Leyton

Scrum Product Ownership: Balancing Value from the Inside Out by Robert Galen

Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset (Agile Software Development Series) by Kent McDonald

The Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide from IIBA

Recommended Articles

What’s Missing in the Agile Manifesto: Mindset by Stephen Denning, Agile Alliance

4 Habits Agile Teaches that We Can All Refocus On in 2016! by Angela Wick via BA Times

Embracing Agile by Harvard Business Review

Your Backlog Might be Broken If… by Angela Wick via BA-Squared

User Stories: You Don’t Have to be Agile to Use Them by Angela Wick via BA-Squared

37 Tasks for a Product Owner’s Job by Bernd Schiffer

Why are We Still Talking About the Role of the BA and PM on Agile Projects? by Angela Wick via BA-Squared

Can You Develop Standards that Embrace Both Agile and Traditional Approaches? by Angela Wick via BA-Squared

We’re Agile. You’re Agile. Why are we Still Struggling? by Angela Wick via BA-Squared

Peace at Last! Agile and Waterfall Find Common Ground in Techniques by Angela Wick via BA-Squared

Recommended Webinars and Podcasts

Pat Reed on Business Agility and Value Innovation with Pat Reed and Shane Hastie via InfoQ

Comparing Agile and Traditional Business Analysis Approaches with Angela Wick via BA Times

Agile BA Panel with Angela Wick and Ryland Leyton via BA Times

End-to-End Agile Planning – Oxymoron or Powerful Release Planning Method with Robert Galen via BA Times

BABOK® SeriesL Agile Q & A Expert Panel with Shane Hastie, Angela Wick, Edwina Simons and Ellan Kay Young via IIBA

It’s the Goal, Not the Role: The Work of Agile Business Analysis, Product Management, & Project Management with Ellen Gottesdiener via IIBA

BA-Squared Workshops

Agile Techniques for BAs

Agile Product Owner Workshop

Agile Requirements Learning Circle

Advanced Facilitation for Agility and Innovation

Agile Communities

Agile Alliance

Scrum Alliance


InfoQ Agile

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