Improve Your Requirements by Avoiding These 4 Words

There are so many things that impact the quality of our requirements. We have the ability to influence many of them, but our influence is often limited. One thing we do have control over are the words we use to describe and document (if needed) requirements. It can be tough to...

4 Agile Metrics Every Business Analyst And Product Owner Should Care About

It is true that “working software is the primary measure of progress” in Agile, but that is not our only measure. The Agile Principles also call us to reflect on how to become more effective. As Business Analysts and Product Owners, we should care about metrics that provi...

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Mental Workspace

Spring has sprung here in Minnesota! After the long winter, it’s time to open the windows, air out the house and do a little spring cleaning. This burst of spring energy leads to many home projects, but it carries over into my work as well. Spring inspires me to do a little...

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Is agile living up to the hype? Many teams want to see better agile results, but can’t pinpoint the root cause of their struggles. In many cases, the missing link between “agile struggle” and “agile success” is the effectiveness of the product owner...

4 Roadblocks That Prevent You From Delivering Value To Customers

Business analysts get cast in many roles on project teams, but one of their most important roles is a customer advocate. Great Business Analysts understand customer needs and provide the voice of the customer to inform priorities and decisions. When the customer is the focal...

4 Ways to Boost the Impact of Agile BAs

The Agile Business Analyst role is still murky for many organizations. But the lack of clarity is a blessing in disguise. It gives BAs an amazing opportunity to advocate for themselves and help leaders understand how to deploy BA skills to serve agile projects. If you find...

What is BUSINESS Agility?

Last month, I went to the BusinessAgility2017 conference in New York City. The 2-day conference highlighted the benefits and challenges of bringing agility into non-IT environments. The unique format included several sets of 20-minute “TED style” talks with time for small group...

Top Six Critical BA Skills For The Future (And Today!) – Part Two

When I wrote part one of this article series, I wanted to go deeper and have heard from many that deeper is where part 2 needs to go! You’ll see the original six critical BA skills below with additional details and questions to help your team think about how to apply these...

10 Point User Story Evaluation Quiz

Are your user stories effective? Whether you’ve been using user stories for years or you’re just diving in, it’s important to regularly reflect on the value user stories bring to your requirements and delivery process. Take a look at the questions below. If you...

Top 6 Critical BA Skills For The Future (And Today!) – Part One

As we cruise through the last days of 2016, it’s important to peek in the rear view mirror. Reflecting on the past reveals patterns and trends in our travels that we can use to predict future destinations. When I look in my 2016 review mirror, I gather insights from deep...