Customer Obsession – You Better Have It!

Everything you do impacts the end customer. Yes! Even if your project doesn’t seem to touch the end customer, there’s always a connection. Great BAs understand this and help their stakeholders discover the customer connections for every product, project, enhancement, feature and...

Is Your Roadmap a Joke?

Roadmaps are one of the best and most important tools for project/product teams. When done well, roadmaps provide tremendous value. When done poorly, I hear things like this from BAs and product owners:  “Roadmaps are a joke around here.” “We don’t follow...

Planning for Requirements in Agile – How is it Different from Waterfall?

Many teams struggle with their requirements approach, but it’s especially challenging for teams transitioning from waterfall to agile. If the team neglected requirements planning in waterfall, they assume agile requires even less planning. This leads to even worse results than...

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Is agile living up to the hype? Many teams want to see better agile results, but can’t pinpoint the root cause of their struggles. In many cases, the missing link between “agile struggle” and “agile success” is the effectiveness of the product owner...

The Shift To Modern Requirements

I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately, and part of my travels include delivering conference presentations about modernizing requirements. The presentations hit home with those who are feeling the stress of increasing speed, complexity, ambiguity and change. Trends and...

7 Hot Topics from Agile2017 in Orlando

I had the opportunity to speak at Agile2017 in Orlando this year. It was a great conference! I connected with so many colleagues & friends and met lots of new friends as well.Besides speaking and networking, I attended some great sessions. The sessions at this conference...

Are You Building The Past Or The Future?

Organization leaders are always looking for ways to speed things up. I never get more than a few minutes into a conversation with a director or an executive, before they begin sharing their frustration about the slow pace of change. They don’t understand why new initiatives take...

Survival Guide: Bouncing Back And Forth Between Agile AND Waterfall

Are you bouncing back and forth between agile and waterfall? It’s quite common these days for Business Analysts to grapple with both agile and traditional approaches to requirements and development work. This can be frustrating, and Business Analysts may feel like a ping pong...

Improve Your Requirements by Avoiding These 4 Words

There are so many things that impact the quality of our requirements. We have the ability to influence many of them, but our influence is often limited. One thing we do have control over are the words we use to describe and document (if needed) requirements. It can be tough to...

4 Agile Metrics Every Business Analyst And Product Owner Should Care About

It is true that “working software is the primary measure of progress” in Agile, but that is not our only measure. The Agile Principles also call us to reflect on how to become more effective. As Business Analysts and Product Owners, we should care about metrics that provi...